Looking for the best eats in town? Here’s a list of my favorites and those of my dear friends who are life-long locals. This list will be updated frequently so check back to see what’s new!

These local music spots are favorites for a variety of reasons. Have a new one to recommend? Send your recommendation my way!


Now that the weather here is turning back nice, I’ll be out and about taking photos of my favorite shops and listing them, street-by-street. Check back in a couple of weeks to see the list! This will be continuously updated.

The perennial favorite blog post is HERE.

This list, while specific in some ways to the French Quarter, could easily apply to any major city you might be visiting, so feel free to share in that context as well.

If you have questions for me, please feel free to either ask them on the blog entry above (if they’re about safety issues). For general New Orleans questions that you can’t find via Google, or you want a local’s perspective on, please feel free to use the form just below this module (bottom right module on this French Quarter page).

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10 Ways to Stay Safe in the French Quarter

            10 Ways to Stay Safe in the French Quarter This is a perennial list and while it is specifically about the French Quarter, there are general rules here that would apply to any big city you might be visiting. As I'm writing this, it's spring and we're about...

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It’s the talking that gets him in trouble…

            It's the talking that gets him in trouble... I wouldn't have expected it, but one of the entertaining aspects of living in the Quarter, just a half block off Bourbon, are the arguments that inevitably ensue between couples who thought they were going to go...

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Tanya and Dorise

            Tanya & Dorise Right now, two of my favorite street musicians are playing below my window -- a violinist and  base guitar player (bassist). Two women, I've seen them around the Quarter for more than a year, now, and they're absolutely phenomenal. I've...

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French Quarter In the Early Morning

            French Quarter in the early morning... Five a.m. in the Quarter, weekday mornings, the sounds of delivery trucks unloading the catch of the day, or beer, or bread. Drivers calling out to each other, talking 'bout what they did over the weekend, or what...

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There’d Be Times Like These, Mama Said

            There'd be times like these, Mama said... We were out for a walk through the Quarter, and there's this little alley we love (Exchange Place). It's picturesque and is often seen in a lot of commercials when they want a "quintessential French Quarter...

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