Toni’s short story in the Debris & Detritus anthology is titled “Used Goods”… and is the story about what happens when a young woman, busking her way through the French Quarter, stumbles onto a store no one else can see… where swords start singing and merchandise moves around of its own accord.


Broken Hallelujah is a dark suspense, a SHORT STORY of two very broken people, Phin and Sadie, who are about to do something wrong, for all the right reasons. Maybe. They have already nearly destroyed each other, and now? Now, they may not have a choice but to finish the job.


What happened before Bobbie Faye’s first full length adventure in CHARMED AND DANGEROUS?

HEAT (a very short story) is Bobbie Faye and Cam’s prequel…just how hot were Cam and Bobbie Faye? You’ll get a taste of it here!


What happened to Bobbie Faye after her first appearance in CHARMED AND DANGEROUS? Now you can find out!



Wondering what happened to Bobbie Faye and Trevor after WHEN A MAN LOVES A WEAPON?

Bobbie Faye’s Hot Mess of a Wedding…the title pretty much says it all!

My United Airlines Memory

          My United Airline Memory (which I had almost forgotten)    So, bright and early this morning, I end up on the phone with United Airlines because their computer wouldn't let me check seating for an upcoming flight. The error message said something like,...

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More Conversations While Packing

        More Conversations While Packing So I'm consolidating all of the first aid supplies, of which there are many, into one organized box, and I hold up something I don't quite recognize. "What's this?" He glances over. "Oh, that's an Israeli bandage. Good to use...

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