Ticket Purgatory…

sunset off rooftop during FQF

So, bright and early this morning, I end up on the phone with United Airlines because their computer wouldn't let me check seating for an upcoming flight. The error message said something like, 'hahahaha, you fool! We have your money and you are so … [Read more]

Stepping back…


I took this shot last November (11/03/13) at about 6:30 AM. It's unusual for me to be on St. Charles that early in the morning, and I'm not used to seeing the avenue without traffic or crowds. It was a bit like stepping back in time.   … [Read more]

10 Ways to be Safe in the French Quarter


  This is a perennial list. As I'm writing this, it's spring, 2014, and we're about to run headlong into French Quarter Fest (my favorite festival here), and then Jazz Fest (also awesome). We just came out of Mardi Gras, and there are … [Read more]

Erin go bragh?


I haven't quite gotten the hang of proper nekkid boob etiquette when it comes to crossing Bourbon and seeing a tourist for whom gravity has not been kind, baring her boobs which are, I am not exaggerating, hanging to her belly button, pointing down, … [Read more]